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BBNaija 4 winner Mercy Eke opens up on lover in new love reality show. The winner of Big Brother Naija season 4, Mercy Eke, will be joining her lover, Ike Onyema, for a reality TV show, "Mercy and Ike."
The new reality TV show, Mercy and Ike, is expected to kick off on Sunday, April 26, on Africa Magic Showcase, DStv Ch151; 6:30p.m.
Mercy and Ike show follows the love life of the ex-BBNaija housemates, who began a relationship during their time at the Big Brother house.
The pair’s unlikely bond during the show makes for a great love story as they continue to entertain viewers with their pranks and an affection that took everyone by surprise.
The lovers have expressed delight at the reality TV show which brings their love life back to the front burner on TV.
Speaking on the launch of these new shows, Channel Director, Africa Magic, Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu said: “We at Africa Magic are passionate about ensuring that our viewers are presented with the best entertainment. The relationship between Mercy and Ike is both entertaining and exciting and we would like the viewers to see that love can be found anywhere.”

BBNaija 4 Winner Mercy Eke Opens Up on Lover in New Love Reality Show

Nollywood actress actress, Funke Akindele- Bello and her husband, Jjc Skillz havs been sentenced to 14days community service.
This is coming after the actress and her husband hosted a birthday party with over twenty persons in attendance as oppose to the law of the state at their Amen Estate home in lagos recently.
Recall that the couple had been under backlash since the video of the party surfaced online on Saturday. Social media users were not pleased with the video because according to them the couple aren't following the social distancing techniques to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.
The police however were swift to whisk away the actress and invited her husband. They were both charged to court and sentenced to fourteen days community service and each to pay N100,000.
During their service, the couple are to serve three hours per day excluding Saturday and Sunday. They must each visit 10 public places to educate people on the consequences of not complying with directives on Coronavirus.

Funke Akindele and Husband Sentenced for Two Weeks.

The Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, today announced that the state government would be offering free medical services to pregnant women and other persons with health emergencies in the state all through the month of April.
While speaking at a press briefing on Saturday April 4, the governor said the free medical services is part of palliative measures to cushion the effect of the lockdown imposed on the state to fight the spread of COVID-19.
“The Lagos State Government will for the duration of this lockdown, in the first instance throughout the month of April, take full responsibility for the medical bills of all patients who fall under the following categories and present themselves at all our secondary health facilities, meaning our 27 general hospitals and the maternal and child health facilities that we have round the state. Emergencies, casualties, cases including registration, laboratory tests and surgeries will be treated free of charge.
Maternity cases and all pregnant women that have to do deliveries in this month of April, either caesarean or normal delivery will also be attended to free of charge. All admissions within this period will be free and treated free of charge in the month of April at the first instance. What this means is that those that have the above-listed conditions that will need to access the hospitals will be treated free” he said
Lagos state has 108 confirmed cses of Coronavirus. Following presidential directive, the state went into a lockdown beginning from March 30 to last for up two weeks.

COVID-19: Lagos state government to provide free medical services for pregnant women, others for the month of April

Stay healthy; Stay home; Stay safe

What You Did Not Know On COVID19

There is a way you can spend this break/holiday that will improve your health, mood and also boost your brain function. If you want to get the absolute best benefit out of this holiday break, here is what you really need to do:
(1) Get Plenty Of Sleep: Sleep is extremely important to our work and health and most of us don't get enough of it.Studies prove that vacations improve our well being if we make sure we get all the sleep we need during our time off.
(2) Try Out A New Skill: There is plenty of evidence that learning something new, such as a language or musical instrument, it has powerful brain boosting power.It will also help you stretch your mind in new ways that will create new connection in your brain. By taking yourself out of your usual mental patterns, you will go back to your work/school refreshed.
(3) Do Something Memorable: Plan to do something out of the ordinary that you will deeply enjoy, even if it's just for one day or even half a day, of the break. You will reap the benefits for a long time to come.
(4) Enjoy Yourself: All of this advice is useless if it leads you do do something you don't want to do. The most important way to create happiness and we'll being during and after this break is to make sure you spend at least some of your time off doing things that you truly enjoy.
(5) Watch A Movie: Try to while away time by watching movies. Find the time and make it happen.
(6) Cook Something Different: Try to cook something that you have not tasted before. Go make that meal now and your taste buds will thank you.
(7) Do Something Useful: So this one isn't so fun, but it makes sense. Take an afternoon to scrub out your kitchen cupboards, take care of your surroundings, and defrost your freezer.
(8) Gardening: If you are the earthly type, being one with your surroundings, the greenery brings immense therapeutic rewards. 

COVID-19: 8 Ways to Enjoy this Lockdown

As the maxim goes we are what we eat. These 3 foods you must stop eating at 30, if you want longer life and good health.
The reality of this saying becomes more glaring when you grow older, and like it or not you need to start watching your diet as it impacts on whether you could live long or not.
The food we eat is what keeps us alive, and when we grow older we can't just eat anything we like, even when we feel so healthy, we must know that alot of these food are slow poisons and will kill with time.
Well here a list of 3 food you must avoid today, especially when you are in your 30s

Yes i know Nigerians love beef and we use this in virtually all our foods, but the truth is, if you are 30 or in your 30s, you must avoid beef. Beef is actually gotten from cattle and though it's rich in protein which helps in building muscles, it's also has a high amount of trans fat and cholesterol. When we are younger we actually are able to burn this fats due to the high build deposit of collagen and also due to active lifestyle but when we get older we don't grow anymore, and also collagen stops to build, making it difficult to burn this fats which starts to accumulate it then becomes a problem. Beef is good for growing up children and youths, but a poison for adults. Instead do Fish or white meats.

Seriously if you take alcohol and also love taking beer then you should know that your life is in a lot danger than you think. A bottle of beer contains about 19 cubes of sugar even higher than carbonated drinks or fruit juice. So if you think taking beer or stout means you don't take calories, you must be joking, and you should consider quitting drinking beer now, so as to save your life.

This is very important, once you are 30, please stop consuming soft drinks as they are never good for you health, they contain a good amount of calories and sugar that can't be good for your health at all. You need to know that all this flavoured drinks are also preserved with some chemicals that isn't so friendly with out body, so in order to live longer, we must stay away from all carbonated drinks and beverages.

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3 Foods To Avoid At Age 30 If You Want To Live Longer

Many of the best hair products for men are called “pomades,” but what is pomade exactly?

Historically, men’s pomades were oil-based products used in greaser hairstyles because they provided a slick, shiny look. Unfortunately, oil-based pomades are hard to wash out and can sometimes cause acne. Nowadays, the best pomades are water-based.

Popular water-soluble pomades come in a variety of formulas, offering guys different holds, finishes, and ingredients for all types of hair and styles. Plus, all the best pomade brands, sell water-based products.

What Pomade Is All About